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Condon Report


Publication Design


To take a large declassified USAF briefing on UFO’s from 1962 and give it form through the design of a publication.


Two books and a poster displaying all the information in a clear and cohesive manner. The first book is a 400 page book typeset, styled, and designed to function as primary information complemented by the second book containing charts, diagrams, and various photographic plates. The two books work in conjunction with one another with a reference system imbedded into the pages of each book that allows for simple navigation.

The premise for the design was to lean into the original intent of the content to act as a scientific and classified analysis of the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects in America. The design of the books was intended do function as a brief that would be handed out in a top secret air force base during the late 1960’s. Clear and to the point, with two books for the reader to reference between during the briefing.

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