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Core City Park


Identity Development


To create a brand identity, website and way finding system for a unique urban oasis in Core City neighborhood of Detroit


A brand that highlights the core remnant materials of the park in a simple and direct way. In addition, a website that gives the history of the park as well as an opportunity to sponsor objects of the park and be a part of the continued growth of the park. And finally a way finding system, art plaques, and sponsor tags that extends the brand into becoming physical features of Core City Park.

Core City Park is a public park that was built by excavating an old parking lot and finding remnants of an old firehouse buried below. What once was an asphalt lot is today an urban oasis featuring over 80 trees and utilizing all the found materials as elements of the park (benches, pavers etc). The trees interacting with the found materials create this beautiful park. The system became icon and pattern focused highlighting the many interlacing elements of the park.