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Mineral Museum


Identity Development


Develop an in-depth design strategy and a complete rebrand for the A.E.Seaman Mineral Museum located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


A brand system that is simple yet articulate, with a scientific touch that extends beyond the museum into the virtual through the Mineral Viewer Digital tool. This rebrand elevates both the Minerals themselves to their rightful place as specimens of true beauty as well the overall museum going experience, making the many hour drive worth every moment.  

Mineral Museum’s are often thought of as stuffy places visited by geologists and children’s field trips. The fact is, minerals are a truly dynamic and beautiful gift from nature to be enjoyed by many for their visual, scientific, spiritual, and aesthetic qualities. This rebrand focused on developing a brand that still resonated with the scientific community but extended to reach new audiences. The museum’s world class collection was the highlight of the brand system that worked to uphold the beautiful specimens and bring thought into the organization and marketing of the Museum, turning its remote location a destination for many.