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Design Systems


A collaborative sponsored project that addressed needs of an assigned demographic in an assigned city through mobility and smart technology. Collaboration with MFA Transportation Design students.


An interaction and mobility design concept that addressed  future mobility needs of the Dual Income - No Kids demographic in Mumbai 2035. 

This collaborative project involved in depth research into Mumbai and the changes that city is undergoing and is projected to undergo in the coming years. In addition to this, the assigned demographic previously hadn’t been much of a factor in India due to women not working and having children. Now as the city continues to make strides to modernize, this demographic is curbing tradition and establishing itself more. The project took these many factors, and combined it with technological research to focus on how mobility will shift to address the modernizing needs of Mumbai. Taking inspiration from the form  of a Tuk Tuk, our focus was to give a revamp to this iconic design and imbed it with a number of key 3M technology to address mobility needs.  Being at times over 4 months, Monsoon season was a key feature of our mobility research. We viewed this characteristic feature of the city as an opportunity for innovation. Our solutions included rain energy reclamation technologies, general air filtration, light technology  and micro replication as opportunities 3M can expand in to better fit the needs of the DINK demographic in 2035 Mumbai.