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Identity Development


To create a shop concepts and brand for and 826 learning center that would be located in Madison, WI


A strategy that pulls on the ecological and scientific qualities of the Madison area to become the basis for engaging children in writing education. The brand takes the concept inviting students and professors from UW Madision, from fields of various “ologies” as the springboard for giving children hands on experiences that transition into writing: Story and Science.

826 is a learning center based in various cities across America. It is unique in that each location is fitted to the city it is in, and the brand and theme of the shop is connected in this way. In depth research into Madison WI led to an understanding of ecology and the important role the study of it plays in the city. This is exemplified in the university of UW Madison’s developed graduate programs, as well as the local respect and love for the lakes and outdoors that the people of Madison feel. The theme of the shop is geared to give students hands on experience with nature by hosting teachers, professionals and students of various fields of study to give a workshop with students. This experience then becomes the basis for writing workshops with the students.